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What do you need to know?

Part open-ended research project, part nomadic visitor centre, the Nuclear Information Centre (NIC) is a fictional, quasi-official sounding organisation established in 2022 by self-appointed artist in residence, Nic Pehkonen. Although predominantly focussed on interrogating the UK’s present day nuclear activities through publicly available informational channels, it also draws on both past and future to explore often intertwined themes of power, technology, weapons and waste.

The Nuclear Information Centre is a space where official and unofficial informational boundaries are intentionally blurred, fact and fiction become actively entangled and questions of ambiguity, selectivity and trust are tacitly raised.

Nic is currently one of the artists in residence at the Wilson Art Gallery and Museum, Cheltenham, UK as part of their 2024 Artist Bursary Programme.  He is using this long durational residency to fuse research around the  geological disposal of radioactive waste deep underground and the ongoing UK GDF siting process with the realities of toxicity and management of hazardous objects in museum collections and thinking about a future GDF as a toxic archive of human generated nuclear activity.

The management of both radioactive waste and physically toxic museum objects inevitably involves complex processes and decision making around the practicalities of care, condition, hazard and risk. This may be further compounded in the form of potential political and cultural challanges which may need to be addressed around issues of storage, display, ownership, public access and disposal.

Welcome to (or perhaps stay away from) The Toxic Archive.

What else do you need to know?

Although transparency and openess is not something we might automatically associate with nuclear industries, the NIC welcomes critically constructive feedback and collaborative proposals. Please contact Nic in the first instance through Nuclear Information Centre enquiries

You may also observe NIC activities on Instagram and Vimeo

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Information last updated - Thu 22 Feb 2024