Nuclear Information Centre

Future Present (2022). (Duration 2m 39s)

This audio work addresses the concept of a community ‘consent-based’ approach currently being promoted by the UK goverment through Nuclear Waste Services (NWS) as part of the process to find a suitable site and willing community to host a geological disposal facility (GDF) to permanently isolate the UK’s higher activity radioactive waste. As of October 2023, three areas are involved in the siting process having formed  Community Partnerships. This audio piece focuses on Theddlethorpe in Lincolnshire where the news came as a surprise to the local community when it was revealed towards the end of 2021.  By mixing the neat and tidy solutions as presented through an official NWS public information video with local news broadcast audio ‘footage’ of community members from the Theddlethorpe area, we can begin to see the tensions between long-term ‘objective’ scientific and technological arguments and more subjective, short-term day-to-day considerations of the local communities involved. As the potentially messy and tangled GDF siting process rumbles on, potentially over many years, numerous questions can be raised around considerations of consent, community and time.

Information last updated -  Tues 26 Dec 2023