Nuclear Information Centre.

Sellafield Sounds (2024). (Duration 4m 46s)

Sellafield Sounds is a heavily reprocessed section of an audio recording collected on a perimeter walk around the Sellafield site in September 2022. The edges of nuclear sites are strange, otherworldly places. Predominantly located in peripheral locations they often convey a feeling of being hidden in plain sight to a certain extent yet are remarkably open to the senses so are somewhat porous in terms of sights and sounds. However, these perimeters are also places of tension, in the public domain but sending out tacit messages thay are not places where we should be seen or encouraged to be lingering too long. The presence of armed CNC (Civil Nuclear Constabulary) officers on their regular patrols only serves enhance these feelings of unease. 

Sellafield Sounds is a sensory exploration into the site beyond the fence, captured at a specific moment but now suspended in time, a brief snapshot of the site that is at the centre UK’s nuclear past, present and future. The recording has also been successively slowed down and stretched until it ceases to be anything obviously recognisable, revealed as something else with new sounds gradually emerging from deep within the original recording.

In the same way that perimeters can usually be followed in two directions, Sellafield Sounds plays first one way and then the other, creating an audio mirror image but eventually returning back to where it started although by now at a point further away in time.

Information last updated -  Sat 20 Apr 2024