Nuclear Information Centre.

Sound Reprocessing Plant (2022). (Duration 6m 42s)

This audio exhibit is a reworking of a Sellafield Ltd video released by the company in July 2022 to mark the closure of its Magnox Fuel Reprocessing Plant after work was completed on the last and final shipment of spent fuel from the UK’s legacy Magnox nuclear power stations.

Like the Magnox fuel and other types of spent nuclear fuel reprocessed at Sellafield over the years, the original audio recording accompanying this video has been broken up, electronically dissolved, and reassembled, with unused sections becoming audio waste.

This audio reprocessing could also be thought of as a form of audio redaction in taking existing recordings and obfuscating them sonically to present alternative aural experiences.

Now that nuclear fuel reprocessing has officially ceased in the UK, it could be argued this exhibit is technically concerned with addressing historical nuclear activities. However, even recycled or reprocessed fuel ultimately becomes radioactive waste so perhaps in some ways there is no nuclear past, only nuclear present and nuclear future?

Information last updated: Thu 15 Dec 2022